Take two, Restart

My life has taken an unexpected turn. You know, as life seems to do from time to time. When I started this blog my intent was to post once or twice a week. That never happened. It was also going to allow me to writing in short burst about my past. This was / is going to later be compiled into a book about my upbringing, abuse and survival.

This will be my second attempt at blogging and I feel I have a lot to write about that has happened in my present. This will take me away from my past, though it is all connected, sense my past has made me.

Author: Tanya Gadd

Tanya lives in Northeast Georgia with her well-loved, ungrateful children, one of whom won't do her homework, even under punishment of death. When not being a full-time mom, the rest of her time is spent working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but her secret inner-life reveals her to be an avid reader who is always writing stories in her mind. Tanya hopes eventually to live in a world with few people, no phones, an awesome Internet, and more science fiction/fantasy books than she can ever hope to read.

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